We are in the business of remodeling homes that fit today’s buyer’s needs and lifestyle. In order to accomplish this, we need quality partners that excel at what they do best… Selling Homes and Renovating Homes. We are looking for...


A “Signature Agent” has either sold us a home to renovate or represented a buyer that has purchased one of our "Next Renovation Homes".

“Signature Agents” will receive priority notice of any future "Next Renovation Homes" we have coming up, under construction and before they are officially listed. These agents can show their clients our product before we market it to the general public and agent pool.

Signature Agents will also receive:

  • A 1% Buyer paid bonus for any home CHB purchases from a client or customer of yours that is not in MLS.
  • A 1% Seller paid bonus for any home that a client or customer of yours buys that is one of our "Next Renovation Homes."

Signature Renovators

We are currently recruiting builders, rehabbers, contractors, sub-contractors or highly organized and motivated individuals to be our "Signature Renovators."

In order to effectively produce the amount of business we hope for and keep the product to our high standards, we have designed a process where we will develop CHB's "Next Renovation Floor Plan," interior/exterior design, product selections, style and color schemes and a strict budget for each project.

We will put our "Signature Renovators" into business to execute the plan, build their own brand and run a profitable ongoing business.

Lead Generators

Don’t quite fit into the niche of “Signature Agents” or “Signature Renovators”? We still need your help! If you know of anyone that would be interested in this opportunity, let us know! Or if you know of a property that we should look at, let us know!

Sub Contractors

Have an area that you specialize in? We are looking for Kansas City’s best contractors to work on our “Next Renovation Homes” and “Next Renovation Floor Plans”. If you are a skilled electrician, painter, architect, roofer, tile and hardwood floor installer, or any other sub-contractor that is interested in working with us, give us a call or fill out the form and we can put you to work on our homes.

Become Part of Our Team

Want to join our team? Fill out the contact sheet and let us know what you would be interested in doing! Help us with our “Next Renovation Homes” and “Next Renovation Floor Plans” and be a part of the next movement in Kansas City Real Estate!